Pilgrimage Route: Israel – Christmas At Holy Land

Pilgrimage Route: Israel  – Christmas At Holy Land
Pilgrimage Route: Israel  – Christmas At Holy Land
Pilgrimage Route: Israel  – Christmas At Holy Land
Pilgrimage Route: Israel  – Christmas At Holy Land

Starting gate HCM

Destination Israel

Time 8D7N

Days to go 12-19-2018

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Time: 8 Days 7 Nights

Times to go: 12/19/2018


Guests gather at TSN airport for flight to Israel. Stay overnight on the plane.


Arrive at Tel Aviv Airport, Tour leader pickup, tour starts:

  • Caesarea, the ancient city of Rome conqueror was rebuilt in the 1920s by the emperor Herod the Great on the Mediterranean coast.
  • Visit Caesarea Dam- built by King Herod between mid 23 and 13 BC to secure the city.
  • Abbey Star of the Sea- Stella Maris (if open & time permitting).
  • Panoramic view of the Bahai Gardens from above. It is known as one of the 30 beautiful flower gardens in comparison with Europe, which is recognized by UNESCO as a cultural heritage.

After lunch, depart for Nadarét:

  • Basilica of the Annunciation- built right on the house of Our Lady in the past.
  • Visiting the Hangar.
  • Church of St. Joseph the Carpenter.
  • Gabriel Angels Church, wells of Our Lady.
  • Attend Mass every day.

Have dinner, car transfer to the hotel and take a rest.

Overnight in Nazareth.



Have breakfast at hotel, depart for Tabgha, continue visit:

  • The Church of the Many Breads- the Northwestern area of ​​the Galilee, where the sublime miracle occurred, with five cakes and two fish.
  • Church of the Most High of Peter- where God gave Peter his shepherd.
  • Go to Capernaum- located on the coast of Galilee, mentioned in the New Testament. Visit the ruins of the ancient synagogue of Capernaum north of the Sea of ​​Galilee, the Church of Peter - built on the old foundation of St. Peter church.
  • Mount the Eightfold Path- Eight Beatitudes.

Panoramic view of Lake Galilee from the mountain.  You can also watch the Golan Heights from afar. In 1967, Israel gained control of its country during the fighting with Egypt, Syria and Jordan. In just six days, Tel Aviv won a victory, capturing many areas including the Golan Heights. This is a pride of the Hindus.

Have lunch at St Peter church  and continue the journey:

  • Cathedral of Domus Galilee: Theplace was inaugurated by Pope John Paul II during his visit here. With a unique modern architecture, famous for the portrait Jesu Princess and 12 apostles on the roof of the church.
  • Take a scenic cruise at the Sea of ​​Galilee - where the Lord teaches about the waters and the sky and performs miracles on the water, the Lord commands the winds and storms to be quiet ...
  • Kibbutz Degania :  An Israeli-style modern town and one of Israel's richest Kibbutz  .
  • Take Mt. Tabor to visit the church of the Transfiguration - where Jesus transforms in front of the disciples.
  • Visit Cana's wedding church - where God made the first miracle, turning water into fine wine. There is a beautiful church and a small chapel next to it, in the cellar still holds the jar of wine in the past. Participate in masses and rituals for couples engaged in the trip. 

Have dinner at the hotel.

Overnight in Nazareth.



Have breakfast at the hotel. Continue to visit:

  • Jordan River- where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist
  • Dead Sea- You have the opportunity to soak and float on the stream of mineral water very well to restore health.
  • Jericho City- the oldest city in the world 
  • Photographing from remote Mount Camillus, also known as Mount Forty- where the Lord fasts 40 days and the devil tempts God.
  • The Jericho Garden- where Zacchaeus climbs up to see the Lord when he goes to Jericho. In the past, Zacchaeus was a tax collector, a crime ward, was shunned. Because he wanted to see God in the crowds of his people, he climbed up to the fig tree and climbed up to meet him. Through the desire to meet God and the repentance of the holy life, the salvation of the Lord came to him.


After lunch, continue visit:

  • Visiting the remnants of the Qumran Caves- where the Old Testament sutras were discovered from Christmas.
  • Journey of faith to Bethania village, visit the tomb of Lazarus.
  • Church of Maria and Matta.
  • Participate in the daily Mass.

Rest in Jerusalem.



Have breakfast at the hotel, depart for Bethlehem and visit:

  • Plain FieldsBronze Church - where the angel communicates on the birth of Christ.
  • The Christmas Carol- etched with a silver star of 14 wings, the Christmas Church - was built in 336 in the place where Mary gave birth to Jesus.
  • Catherine's Basilica - this place is often celebrated every Christmas by people from all over the World.
  • Milk Grotto- when Joseph and Mary were on their way to Egypt, they settled there. A drop of milk has fallen to create a miracle the entire stone wall turns white like milk. This is also where many infertile couples come to pray for children.

Have lunch, visit the city of Jerusalem by the Leaf Way, panoramic view of Jerusalem in the most beautiful view. Visit:

  • Church of the Anglican Communion Jerusalem
  • Gurion Garden
  • Judas betrays if time permits.
  • Mount of Olives, visit the Ascension Chapel- the footprints of the feet of Jesus. Have dinner and rest at the hotel.
  • You are invited to join the community vigils at the Church of the Peoples of the Garden of Gershoni.

Rest in Jerusalem.


Day 06 – JERUSALEM (B/L/D)

After breakfast at the hotel, visit:

  • Saint Anne and Joachim - Experience 14 Stations of the Holy Cross
  • The Holy Sepulcher- where many chapels, temples and sacred objects are gathered: The rock where Christ’s body was buried
  • Temple of the Dead.
  • GolgothaSkull Hill - where God crucified and removed.
  • Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows.
  • Wall of Crying.
  • Temple Rock- Doma of the Rock - the temple symbol of Islam built on a sacred stone.

Have lunch at the restaurant. Continue journey to:

  • Mount Sion, David City, Church of Our Lady of Sleep.
  • The Last Supper- where Jesus celebrates Passover with the apostles before the passion.
  • Tomb of David.
  • Take part in the daily Mass with one of the relics.
  • Light Art Performance at David's Tower Museum: Amazing Night - With state-of-the-art sound and light technology, the artists have made the ancient rocks rise and tell the story of the epic story. of the Holy Land of Jerusalem. From the Greek conquest to the fall of the Ottoman Empire at the site of the shrine.

Rest in Jerusalem.



Have breakfast, check out hotel.

Transfer to Ein Kerem, visit:

  • Church of St. John the Baptist was born.
  • Visiting Church.
  • The road to Emau village.
  • Take part in the Daily Mass in one of the relics.

Arrive at the airport for flight to Vietnam. You stay overnight on the plane.


Day 08 - VIETNAM

Come to Tan Son Nhat airport, goodbye and see you again at other programs of the Carnival Group.


Group 25 guests: 40.990.000 / guest

Rates include

  • Round trip air ticket economy class: Sai Gon - Israel - Saigon. Ticket prices may vary depending on the time of booking. The company will charge the difference if any.
  • Visa Israel.
  • Airport security fee, petrol charge, airport tax.
  • 3 double or triple rooms for gender reasons.
  • Visiting, shipping as the program.
  • Tour guide during the tour.
  • Baggage in Israel.
  • Tickets to the Quramn cave.
  • Wifi on the car.
  • Certificate of Pilgrimage.
  • 2 bottles of water / person / day. Twice served with juice throughout the journey.
  • Gifts: Carnival hats, backpacks, map, Israel hats, tribute gifts from local people, commemorative magnet for each family.
  • Travel insurance of international standard maximum compensation of VND / case for guests under 65, 525 million VND / school for guests aged 65 years and over. Issues related to insurance covered by the insurance company.

 Not included

  • Passport (valid for at least 06 months up to date). Passports guarantee the following: the picture is not damaged, blurry, full information, even if the expiry date but if the picture is blurred, is not allowed to exit or entry.
  • Airline or business class airfares (if available).
  • Excursions outside the program, personal expenses, overweight luggage, telephone, laundry ...
  • Fuel surcharge surcharge at time of ticket issuance (if any).
  • For overseas Vietnamese or foreigners who have visas to leave at the time of tour, Vietnamese visas (01 time) must make a visa to enter Vietnam 1.450.000VND / guest (taken at the Tan Son Nhat gate) 01 month / 01 time).
  • Foster luggage porters.
  • Tips for local guides and drivers 52usd / trip guests.

 Child Policy

  • Children under 02: 20% of tour price + tax of all kinds (no bed, sleep with adults).
  • Children from 02 to 11 years old: 75% of tour price + tax of all kinds (no bed, sleep with adults).
  • Children 12 years and over are charged at tour price. In case there is only 1 guest (adult) with 1 child (under 12 years old), please pay as adult price for baby bed.
  • If guests under 12 years old want to sleep in their own bed: pay 100% of the tour and enjoy the same standard as adults


  • Due to the nature of the delegation, the Carnival will be responsible for collecting enough guests for 30 groups of adults or more, the delegation will depart on schedule. If the number of delegations is less than 30 guests, the company has the responsibility to notify guests before the departure date of 10 days and will agree on the new departure date, or refund all the money for guests previously registered.
  • Tour price based on a group of at least 30 adults or more. Therefore, if the number of guests is granted a visa or the number of guests is not enough for the delegation (30 adult guests), the company still holds for you but will surcharge to the delegation less guests to depart on schedule. .
  • If you are denied visa, you pay the visa fee & invitation: 000.000 VND / guest
  • In case you register tour group or family, if one of the members is denied visa, the remaining members still have to participate in the tour.
  • Price tour does not apply to holidays, Tet, fairs of the two countries.
  • Tour prices do not apply for personal or commercial visits.
  • The tour is a package tour combining shopping tours, customers do not split the delegation, unused services will not be refunded. Expenses incurred by customers themselves.
  • The cost of fuel may increase at the time of ticket issuance without prior notice. We will present the official letter of the airline about the increase of surcharges (if any) and ask the guests for the corresponding increase.
  • Depending on the actual situation, the order of attractions in the program may change but still ensure the full range of attractions as initially.
  • The Company will not be liable for any loss of visiting / visiting points in the event of: unseen attractions / visits being blocked, traffic jam or stopping by a point over time Sightseeing regulations.
  • As flights depend on airlines, in some cases the flight times are subject to change without prior notice.
  • In cases of objectivity such as terrorism, natural disasters, the visa issuance period of the Consulate, or the change of schedules of public transportation such as airplanes or trains, the travel company will reserves the right to change the route for the convenience and safety of the customer and will waive the liability for any damages incurred.
  • Passports guarantee the following elements: the image is not damaged, blurred, full information, even if the expiry date, but if the image is blurred, is not exported or entered .... You are not allowed to leave or enter the country at home or abroad, the company will not be responsible and will not refund other related expenses.
  • Regarding visas for foreigners or overseas Vietnamese, please check your visa in Vietnam many times or once. Customers re-enter the visa, the day tour with 2 photos 4 × 6, and bring a visa to Vietnam when leaving and entry.
  • Foreign nationals must have a valid Vietnamese entry visa up to the date of departure.
  • If you have 2 nationalities or Travel document, please inform the tour operator at the time of booking and submit the original with the relevant documents (if any). When attending an Israeli pilgrimage tour, you are required to bring all your passports when entering or leaving the country.
  • You can only bring your green card (temporary residence card) and no valid Vietnamese passport will not register your travel to third country.
  • Guests aged 75 years and above are required to have a health certificate for travel abroad issued by the doctor and a letter of commitment to the company. It is required that a relative under the age of 60 be in good health. In addition, guests over 75 years of age require premium premiums (fees vary according to tour). Not receive guests from 80 years and older.
  • Please advise the tour operator at the time of booking for more information.
  • When booking a tour, please read carefully the program, tour price, inclusive and not included in the program, cancellation conditions tour ....
  • In case you do not directly register, please contact us carefully.

Have a blessed pilgrimage with Carnival! 


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Carnival Group also organizes religious tours for the tourists who wish to discover more profoundly their religion and spirituality by visiting the holy sites, by learning the Bible, theology, and Church history. Pilgrimage group is considered an ecclesial community on the move, living together faith, hope and love in these unique places. Day by day, they can search and encounter Jesus in different steps of pilgrimage and in the liturgical celebration at the historical sites which are related to Jesus, Mary and Saints.

Carnival Group combines travelling tours with participation in the exposition, trade fairs, festivals and international events. Carnival Groups becomes a reliable bridge by which the clients can have more opportunities to cooperate, to expand business  in the period of development with global economy.

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  • Carnival Group sets up to continuously update travel information, to introduce new visiting places, to ensure safety for tourists.


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